Wedding Photography

My Approach to Wedding Photography

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I believe that wedding photography requires an understanding of people as much as a knowledge of cameras and lenses.  I have worked as a photographer for over 30 years and clients like the images I create, not just for their technical quality, but because they invoke happy memories of their friends and family and because I am able to ‘catch’ the expressions and gestures that characterise them.

I spend many more hours after a wedding editing and processing photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop than I do taking them on the day. I typically take over 1000 images on the wedding day itself .  After removing the ‘out takes’ and repeats (I take multiple images of all group shots, for example, to make sure all of your guests are looking at the camera!) I provide clients with a flash drive in a presentation box with around 4-500 full resolution, copyright free images.  These have been enhanced, sharpened and improved in Photoshop CC and, in some cases, double edited in black and white as well as colour.  Whenever you are ready, you then choose a selection of 80 or so which will be in the photobook. This is a professionally printed, hardback book, the pages of which are created from blank canvases so you can choose any combination of photographs as well as backgrounds and covers. The beauty of a modern photobook is that you can order additional copies, in a range of sizes, for friends and family at very reasonable cost.

Above all else, I aim to be as invisible as possible on your wedding day. You might even forget I am around much of the time.  I use ‘silent’ cameras at quiet times in the ceremony and a stabilised, long lens to catch candid moments as you mingle with your guests.  There might well be times when I will take more ‘formal’ photographs such as when you cut your cake and when I take the group photographs but the day is about you, as a couple, making a lifelong commitment to each other rather than posing in an extended photo opportunity.

My job is to enable you to enjoy remembering it afterwards.

I hope that I have explained a little about my approach to wedding photography.  If you are interested in booking me for your wedding please contact me, either by telephone (01524 762785) or by email (  There is also a contact page on this website.

I enjoy my work and I like meeting people so it would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss your wedding, but I often work for clients who are not based in this area or who have other commitments, so I am equally happy to answer any questions you might have on the telephone or by email.  I am a full time, professional photographer and I am, therefore, available seven days a week.

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Whether you book me or not, have a great wedding!



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